To Provide a Learning Environment Where

Students Develop the Skills Needed for Success.

Congratulations Mr. Hoffar

Atwater Elementary School District's

Newly Elected Board President

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We believe that students are the focus of public education.


We believe that each student is unique and that our staff and programs provide for multiple opportunities for success.


We believe in developing academically competent, confident and considerate citizens.


We believe that learning occurs best in a safe and respectful environment.


We believe our students’ success depends upon a highly qualified staff who are valued and respected for their diverse backgrounds.


We believe that we serve students best through programs and practices that are responsive to changing needs.


We believe that our success depends upon the development of effective leaders,

staff and students who create a vision and translate that vision into reality.




GOAL ONE               Align District Human and Fiscal Resources to

                                   Support Student Achievement from Classroom Outward


GOAL TWO               Refine Instructional Programs to Improve

                                   Performance of ALL Students


GOAL THREE         Ensure Fiscal Integrity of the District


GOAL FOUR            Foster and Maintain Constructive Relationships

                                  Among Students,  Staff, Families, and

                                  Community Members


GOAL FIVE               Ensure District Infrastructure Supports Student

                                   Learning:  Facilities,  Technology, Food Service,

                                   Transportation, and Maintenance



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Brother and Sister,

Kayli and T.J. Massa

led the Flag Salute at the

November Board Meeting.

Staff, Students and Members of the Community

participating in

"Love Atwater" at Aileen Colburn Elementary School